Information concerning insured persons and persons having equal status to insured persons shall be provided to Health Insurance Fund by:

The reporting agents must deliver the necessary documents within 7 calendar days from the creation of the respective obligation. If the information is not submitted in time and the person would have had the right to benefit from health insurance, the reporting agent must compensate for the injury resulting from the non-receipt of health insurance benefit.

In order to be registered as an insured person fund the following persons should personally visit the Health Insurance Fund or send the necessary documents by post:

  • pregnant women,
  • dependent spouses,
  • persons joining with the scheme voluntarily,
  • students studying abroad.
Kas leidsid lehelt vajaliku info?

Kas leidsid lehelt vajaliku info?

Kui teil on küsimusi, siis palun pöörduge meie poole aadressil või helistage meie infoliinile 669 6630.