Health Specialist Portal

What is it?

Tervisejuhtimise töölaud (Healthcare Specialist Portal) is a web-based tool designed for healthcare professionals and other specialists involved in patient care. It consolidates various e-services that support patient treatment. The tool provides a quick overview of an individual’s health data, allows for data updates, and facilitates collaboration among healthcare providers to create a comprehensive health plan for the person. All new generation health data system's e-services will be made available through the portal.


Specialists can access relevant information legally available to them. This includes a unified medication history, essential health details, and the patient’s medical background. Additionally, the dashboard provides condition-specific views and references to private-sector digital solutions.

Each specialist can tailor a personal dashboard to display the most relevant information for their work. This personalization ensures that critical data is readily accessible.

Patients wishing to access the same information can use Terviseportaal (Health Portal).

The Healthcare Specialist Portal was developed through collaboration between Tervisekassa, TEHIK, and analysis and development partners from Industry62, Net Group, and Nortal. It represents the next generation of health information system services.


Who is it meant for?

The Healthcare Specialist Portal is intended for use by healthcare professionals and other specialists involved in providing healthcare services. The dashboard brings together specialists from across Estonia into a unified information space to support the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.


What are we aiming to achieve?

The primary goal of the dashboard is to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary information quickly and conveniently. This enables specialists to genuinely focus on the individual during consultations and address their concerns.


We are aiming to eliminate the need for specialists to dig through endless documents to access health information. With readily available historical data, professionals can avoid repeatedly asking the same questions during appointments.


The portal serves as a collaborative platform for healthcare workers, allowing them to perform their tasks more efficiently, comfortably, and with a patient-centric approach.


The Health Management Dashboard serves as the initial access point for next-generation health information system services. It also ensures that refined services are available to be seamlessly integrated into healthcare institutions' information systems.


How does it work?

There are two ways to use the Healthcare Specialist Portal: either as a standalone solution or through a healthcare institution’s information system. Users must authenticate themselves and enter the individual’s personal identification code. Over time, we plan to enable entry through the healthcare institution’s information system without additional authentication requirements.

By default, the dashboard displays essential data needed for an overview of an individual’s health. However, users can customize the dashboard to show other relevant data on the home screen. Services and information are accessible based on the user’s role and authorized rights, following the principle of “as much as necessary, but as little as possible.”


Where are we now?

The Healthcare Specialist Portal has been available to healthcare professionals since December 4, 2023. Currently, the first phase of the Digital Medication Chart service is accessible, and we are working on the next steps. We are integrating the well-received Data Viewer (Andmevaatur) with the portal to ensure all necessary information is available in one place. Initially, the dashboard will provide access to diagnoses, test results, immunizations, sick leave records, and surgical procedures. Subsequent updates will include cross-tabulated analyses and other features from the Data Viewer.

Additionally, this year, we plan to create a reception view along with an interface to the Digital Registration System (Digiregistratuur). Through this interface, healthcare professionals can immediately schedule appointments for patients.


Who provides technical support?

TEHIK (Health and Welfare Information Systems Center)
abi [at] (abi[at]tehik[dot]ee)


Who to turn to with questions about the portal?

Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you find what you were looking for?

If you have any questions, please write to our client service Thank you!