Medication Solutions

Medication solutions, such as e-prescription and digital medication chart, provide significant support to healthcare professionals in their daily tasks of prescribing medications. In the future, the digitalization of hospital medications will be added to the solutions. These solutions ensure a comprehensive overview of the medications a patient is taking for both specialists and patients, offering support in prescribing medications, which significantly reduces the time needed for decision-making.

Using these solutions improves the quality and safety of treatment, creating a smoother and more efficient healthcare system.


  • Medication safety increases due to the complete overview of medications and clinical decision supports assist in prescribing medications.
  • An improved overview of medications across different institutions leads to better collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  • More time to address patient concerns, as the medication plan provide an overview of the medications being used, and clinical decision supports aid in prescribing medications.




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Did you find what you were looking for?

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