National contact point

National contact point

There is at least one institution in every EU country that helps people find information on how to obtain medical care abroad. This kind of institution is called national contact point. In Estonia, EHIF performs the functions of a national contact point.

To inform people, we have created a section on our website titled "Medical care abroad". Here you will find answers to questions about what kind of medical care is available to EHIF insured persons in the EU member states, the EEA member states and Switzerland, and how to act in order to receive help. In addition, there is useful information for insured persons from other EU member states who receive medical care in Estonia.

Activities of national contact point

A directive of the European Parliament and of the Council sets out regulations on patients' rights to receive health care in another EU member state. In order to facilitate patients' access to cross-border healthcare, there are national contact points that share information on this subject in each member state. National contact points also promote health care related cooperation between member states.

National contact points also cooperate with patients' organizations and other stakeholders when sharing information. if necessary, an agreement is signed between the participants in the network and the contact point, setting out the rights and obligations of the parties and other conditions. 

The national contact point also cooperates with the national contact points and authorities of other European Union member states. The exact rules for the content of the duties of the national contact point are established by a regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs. The functions of the national contact point are performed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Health Board and the State Agency of Medicines. The work of the national contact point is financed from the budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about health care and health insurance, please contact the Customer Service of the Health Insurance Fund. We will respond quickly and, if necessary, involve healthcare professionals to provide the best response to your query. You will receive an answer within an average of 5 working days, but no later than within 30 calendar days.

It is possible to use Estonian, English and Russian language while calling to the Health Insurance Fund.  Written requests are answered in Estonian and English. Assistance in customer service office is provided in Estonian, English and Russian language.

We can disclose information containing your personal data only when we have verified your identity as a person requesting information or clarification. To verify your identity at information request you can choose between the following options:

  • send an e-mail with a digitally signed application to info [at] (info[at]tervisekassa[dot]ee)
  • send a hand-signed application to by mail: Lastekodu 48, 10113 Tallinn
  • come to a Customer Service Office  of the Health Insurance Fund and present your personal identification document
  • call to the Health Insurance Fund infoline and identify yourself either with your mobile-ID or with smart-ID. 

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