Innovation grant


The innovation grant supports the implementation of impact studies of the developed services. 

The purpose of supporting impact studies is to obtain reliable information about the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the implementation of services and the ease of use of services compared to the current best practice. 

With the grant, we hope to expand the range of health services that have been proven to: 

  • increase the people-centredness of the health care system; 
  • improve health outcomes; 
  • support the person in maintaining health and preventing diseases;  
  • improve the integrity of care pathways; 
  • ensure the quality and availability of the service in the conditions of limited resources; 
  • the projects to be supported must be based on national strategic goals and development trends described in development plans.


All legal entities registered in the European Union can apply for the grant.





In order to receive the grant, it is necessary to successfully complete the entire application procedure.

All the terms and conditions for submitting an application, receiving the grant, implementing the project and reporting are provided in the “Procedure for awarding innovation grant”.


The procedure for applying for the grant consists of the following steps:

  • The applicant formulates a hypothesis of the value offered by the service, which they wish to confirm with an impact study.

  • The applicant submits the project idea form to the Health Insurance Fund for preliminary consultation.
  • The idea is submitted for preliminary consultation through an online form.
  • In the course of the preliminary consultation, the compliance of the project with the objectives of the grant is assessed.
  • A positive preliminary assessment does not mean a positive decision to award the grant.
  • No grant funds are allocated in the project idea stage!

  • The application can be submitted after receiving a positive preliminary assessment.
  • The information necessary for submitting the application is given by the Health Insurance Fund after a positive preliminary assessment.
  • All required documents must be submitted when applying.

  • In order to evaluate the application, the application, the applicant and the partners must meet the terms and conditions.
  • The period for processing the application is 40 days.
  • The evaluated applications are submitted to the innovation committee, which makes a proposal to the management board of the Health Insurance Fund to award or reject the grant.

  • The decision to award the grant is made by the management board of the Health Insurance Fund.
  • When making the decision, additional terms and conditions may be imposed for the implementation of the project.
  • In the event that the applicant does not agree to the additional terms and conditions, the project is not be supported.

  • The applicant implements the project in accordance with the prepared project plan and the terms and conditions specified in the decision of the management board of the Health Insurance Fund.
  • The progress of the project is monitored based on reports.
  • At the end of the project, a final report is submitted to the Health Insurance Fund.
  • The applicant publishes the results of the impact study to the public.
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