Work organization of the family doctor

Reception hours:

  • must stay between Monday and Friday 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.;
  • the office must be open and it must be possible to register for the reception Mon-Fri at least eight hours a day;
  • office opening and reception times and contact information (phone, e-mail address) must be visible in the office and on the website (if it exists).


General arrangement of a family doctor's appointment:

  • at least 20 hours a week;
  • five working days a week, at least four hours a day;
  • on at least one day, the reception must be until 18:00;
  • the working time of the family doctor for other activities is added to the appointment time.

Family nurse's independent appointment time:

  • at least 20 hours a week;
  • the family nurse's working time for other activities is added to the reception time.


  • a patient with an acute medical condition must be seen on the day of application, in other cases within five working days. In order to meet this deadline, the family doctor must extend his appointment time if necessary;
  • during his temporary absence, the family doctor must find another family doctor to replace him;
  • the family doctor must inform where and to whom you can contact for medical assistance or medical advice outside of his appointment hours.

Visit fee:

  • people with medical insurance do not have to pay a visit fee to the family doctor;
  • the fee for a family doctor's home visit is up to five euros;
  • a visit fee may not be charged for a home visit from a pregnant woman whose pregnancy has been diagnosed by a doctor and who is insured under two years of age. The visit fee for one home visit may not exceed five euros, regardless of the number of insured persons per home visit. The rates of fees and benefits are described on the website of the Health Insurance Fund.
  • A health certificate that is not related to the provision of health care must be issued to the patient within 15 days.
  • Can a person without health insurance go to their family doctor?
    Yes, you can go to a family doctor without health insurance, but you pay for the family doctor's service yourself. Registration for an appointment with a family doctor usually takes place. The price of the service is set by the family doctor. The person does not have to pay for unavoidable help.
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