The Health Insurance Fund opened a new website for new clinical guidelines and patient guidelines

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund opened a new version of the clinical guideline portal  The website has clinical guidelines in a new interactive format, that is targeted to doctors, but patients are also welcome to visit the page.

In the section targeted to patients, you can become acquainted with patient guidelines and examine the first video tutorials. For example, you can become acquainted with materials covering high blood pressure, bed sores, surgery-related pain, anxiety or panic disorder, asthma, kidney disease, alcohol abuse disorder, etc. As a new development, there is a completely Russian language environment in the website with Russian language interactive patient guidelines that can be downloaded to patients’ own computers.

In addition to reading the guidelines, there is also more information on the new website for the compilers of the clinical guidelines, or just for those interested in the process of compilation of clinical guidelines. As a new option, the guidelines can be read online. The materials can also be downloaded to a smartphone or computer. The content has been made interactive, for example, when moving the mouse on the links indicated on the guideline, the reader will immediately see the content of the link and can open the annexes of the clinical guidelines, or web pages.

The clinical guidelines are developed by the Health Insurance Fund with the Advisory Committee on Clinical Guidelines, who evaluate the guidelines and discuss the need for new guidelines. Also, members of the Committee have now an upgraded separate environment where they can initiate new topics for development of guidelines, evaluate guidelines, and attend online meetings. Doctors can also order all the guidelines free of charge as a print version. Patients will be able to ask their family physicians for the paper versions of the guidelines.

Additional information

Liis Hinsberg

Head of Health Promotion and Communication Division