Government approved the Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s list of health care services for the year 2016

Last week, the Government approved the list of health care services for the coming year, which includes a number of changes compared to previous years.

Due to the collective agreement concluded on 19 December 2014, the minimum hourly gross wage is amended as follows: 10.00 euro per hour for a doctor, 5.50 euro per hour for a nurse and 3.30 euro per hour for a caregiver. In addition, the expenditure of the cost element for management of the patient has been increased according to the proposal made by the Estonian Hospitals Association. The reference prices for health care services have been adjusted accordingly to the amendments referred. The reference prices for medicinal services have also been adjusted in relation to the change in unit prices of the active substances described.

Based on the proposals of professional associations and the Health Insurance Fund, new evidence-based and cost-effective services have been added to the list, and changes have been made to the existing services with the aim to ensure the improvement of the availability of modern treatment for insured people. In collaboration with professional associations, the following specialties have been modernized partially or completely: vascular surgery, intensive care and anesthesiology, speech therapy, emergency medicine and cardiology.

In collaboration with professional associations, the capitation fee of an age group, in connection with the screening for colorectal cancer has been increased in general medical care. In collaboration, the fee for an ECG device has been added, which is reflected in the growth of the capitation fee and will enhance implementation of the e-consultations more effectively. The services of the therapy fund are also extended by the addition of physical therapy. Moreover, the premium for effective work in disease prevention and monitoring of chronic diseases has been increased.

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