The Estonian Health Insurance Fund begins to fulfill the objectives of the Contact Point

In the beginning June 1, 2016 the EHIF will take over the responsibilities for the national contact point for cross border medical care from the Ministry of Social Affairs

The contact point is an information portal for those who live in Estonia and who want to receive information about health care options available in other European Union member states or in other countries including receiving information about the coverage of cross-border health care expenses. Additionally citizens of other member states who need health care while temporarily residing in Estonia, can access information through the contact point.

On the contact point page you can find information on the following: conditions for the coverage of cross-border health care services, prior authorization system for receiving planned medical care while in a foreign country, patient rights in receiving necessary medical care, references to the contact points of other member states, and additionally much more information related to making vital medical care decisions while the individual is residing outside of his/her country of coverage.

The new contact point homepage is available in 3 languages, Estonian, English, and Russian, and the page is regularly updated to ensure the information is up-to-date. The webpage also takes into account the needs of the visually impaired.

In order to fulfill its objectives, the national contact point works closely with the European Commission, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Estonian Health Board, the Agency of Medicines, and health care providers.

Answers to questions concerning foreign medical treatment are available on both the phone and through e-mail at the following numbers: Customer Phone +372 669 6630 or Information Phone 16363 ​(Work hours M-F 8.30-16.30) as well as at the e-mail address: info [at] (info[at]haigekassa[dot]ee). Information concering the contact point can be found at