In early February, people will find the Estonian Health Insurance Fund 2016 Information Guide in their mailboxes

During the first weeks of February, the Estonian population will find in their mailboxes the Estonian Health Insurance Fund 2016 Information Guide introducing the national health insurance and functioning of the health care system and the most important innovations of the year 2016.

In the Information Guide, we will introduce in more detail the health care system in Estonia, including the services offered by the family doctor and the family nurse, the role of specialized medical care and the policy for reimbursement of discount drugs and medical devices. We will provide a comprehensive overview of what financial benefits are available to the insured. We will share tips on what to do if there is a need for medical care in another European country. In addition, we will also address cancer screening and much more.

Health care is an area that affects everyone. We hope that you consider the information contained in the Guide relevant and the study of it essential. Should any other questions arise in the course of reading, please call the Health Insurance Fund information phone 669 6630 or 16 363* or contact us by e-mail info [at] (info[at]haigekassa[dot]ee)

The Information Guide is available in Estonian and Russian. If the Information Guide does not reach your mailbox, but you still want a hard copy, then please let us know by e-mail trykised [at] (trykised[at]haigekassa[dot]ee).

The Information Guide is also available in electronic form (in Estonian and in Russia). A hard copy of the Health Insurance Fund Information Guide is also available in the English and Finnish languages.

Please note that the Information Guide will reach only the mailboxes that do not have a sign prohibiting the mailing of unaddressed advertising.