Adding drugs to the discount list has clear criteria


The Drug Committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs, decided to make a proposal to add the drug Zytiga used in the treatment of prostate cancer to the list of medicines reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund starting from October 1, 2014, as the drug meets the statutory criteria - the drug has proven to be effective and necessary for patients with cancer and its price meets the medical insurance funds criteria.

Adding the drug to the list was made possible thanks to the agreement concluded in the course of intense negotiations between the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Health Insurance Fund and the pharmaceutical company, under which the pharmaceutical company has agreed to lower the price of the drug significantly in order to achieve an acceptable level for the Health Insurance Fund.

The decision process of adding drugs to the discount list is based on the principles set out in legislation, and the list will regularly be updated on a quarterly basis.

From October the 100% discount drug Zytiga, necessary for patients with prostate cancer, and the drug Forxiga, necessary for diabetics, will be added to the list of new drugs.

In 2014, the list was supplemented by a drug with four different active ingredients required for the treatment of diabetes. Also, the anticancer drug Inlyta containing the active substance axinitib has been added to the list. Very important drugs for the treatment of asthma, eye diseases, uterine myoma, depression, chronic kidney disease, and drugs for the prevention of a brain stroke have also been added. In total, over the past two years 35 new drugs have been added to the list of prescription and hospital drugs.

This year it is planned to supplement the list of hospital drugs with several very important drugs in the treatment of cancer, for which negotiations are ongoing.