Health centres

The EHIF considers it important to support the development of a strong family physician-centred system. Its aim is to ensure that all insured persons have access to the necessary initial counselling and medical care quickly, free of charge, and close to their place of residence.

With the opening of new health centres, the range of health care services offered to patients by family physicians will expand. In addition to family physicians and family nurses, physiotherapists and midwives will start working in health centres, and home nursing services will also be offered. Depending on the local needs, other medical specialists may also practice there.

The establishment of health centres is important, because due to the aging population, the role of primary health care, i.e. family physicians, is becoming more and more important. There are more and more elderly people with chronic illnesses, which is why it is increasingly important for the family physician to have a larger team and wider consultation opportunities. This will make it possible to better discuss patients' concerns, find solutions together, and provide patients with the necessary and high-quality care.

By 2023, it is planned to build more than 60 health centres across Estonia. 

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