Healthcare at school

To be accepted into a school, an abstract of the child’s health-card must be submitted, listing important information about previous vaccinations, chronic illnesses, any medicines that are in regular use, and allergies. This information is essential to monitoring the child’s health at school, but also for application to the child’s work load and way of life.

When sending a child to school, a parent’s permission will be asked for rendering health care by the school. For school-age children, the school nurse will perform a check-up for children in 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 11th grades. The family doctor should do a check-up in 2nd, 5th and 9th grades.

Before every vaccination, the school nurse must have the parent’s written permission.

Sick children are not treated at school. If a child falls ill at school or has had a trauma, the school nurse must give him/her first aid and notify the parents. In the event of illness, see the family doctor.

In 2017, all new-borns are automatically registered with their mother’s family doctor. This means that you no longer need to submit a separate application to your family doctor for your child. A separate application must only be made if you wish your child to be registered with a different family doctor than your own. Notify the family doctor before the baby’s birth that there will soon be a new member on their rolls. More information can be found on the Health Board’s website.

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