Medical report

If other European Union member state insurance institution begins to pay sickness benefits to a patient, who has received a necessary treatment in Estonia or who has been in Estonia for planned treatment, then the insurance institution may need additional information.


From 01.01.2021, form E116 will be replaced with medical report


To obtain this document, the patient must:

• ask the doctor who treated him or her in Estonia, to fill in the Medical report, which can be found here.

• submit the Medical report and the application (Application for Incapacity for Work Benefit in EU Member State) to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

•The doctor must complete all the required fields in Medical report. Completion guide for Medical report can be found here.


If you have any questions about filling in the medical report, please contact the Estonian Health Insurance Fund by phone 443 0237 or by info [at] (info[at]tervisekassa[dot]ee).

Incapacity for work certificate issued in a foreign country

EHIF pays temporary incapacity for work benefit to a person insured in Estonia also on the basis of a document certifying illness issued by a foreign doctor.

A document certifying illness issued by a foreign doctor must be submitted to the employer, who will attach the employer's certificate to it.


In the Health Insurance Fund, each insured person has only one bank account where benefits are deposited. You can check your bank account on the citizen portal or by calling the customer service 669 6630. All transfers are made to the last submitted bank account.


At the request of the Health Insurance Fund, a certified translation into Estonian by a sworn translator must be attached to the certificate issued by a foreign doctor. The costs of translating the certificate shall be borne by the insured person.

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